Spring Equinox Drum and 432hz Crystal Bowl Sound Journey


8 ~ 9:30pm Wednesday 25th March 2020

@ Source Yoga studio, 294 Conway Road, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay, LL28 5DS

Come and gather together in circle to celebrate Ostara: Spring Equinox where day and night are in perfect balance.


Bring your intentions for this new season; spring clean yourself on all levels, letting go of anything weighing you down and holding you back. Feed and water the seeds you have sown and celebrate new emergence.


Victoria Ashley of Rainbow Philosophy https://www.facebook.com/therainbowphilosophy is playing her Crystal Bowls, allowing them to sing their sweet song and envelop you in cosmic ethereal vibrations, fine tuning your frequency.



Allow the rhythm of the drum to reconnect you with your own rhythm; your heartbeat; the heartbeat of the Earth. Call in guidance from your higher self and Spirit guides and teachers. Journey wherever the drum takes you....


The Drum and the Bowls compliment each other so well; cosmic ethereal bowls contrasting beautifully with the earthy grounding Drum.


The drumbeat, at 4 beats per second, brings your brainwaves out of beta and alpha states to a more calm, relaxed and creative theta state, increasing a sense of wellbeing.


All are welcome.

Mats, blankets, cushions, bolsters and eye pillows are all provided.

Spaces are £10 per person.

Please message Claire to secure your place: claire.sourcehealing@gmail.com \ 07426 894 640


Bach Flower Remedies


Experienced holistic therapist Claire Freeman will be offering Bach Flower Remedy consultations and making bespoke remedies available on the day.


All remedies offered on donation basis, pay what you feel.


Just turn up between 11am and 4pm or contact Claire directly to book:

07426 894 640


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