Soma derives from the Greek for 'living body'.

Somatics can be understood as 'the living body as experienced by itself'.

As a registered Somatic Movement Educator, I lead you in explorations allowing your body to move as it naturally wants to move without judgement or force. Listening deeply for true impulses to arise. Moving from a place of apparent stillness (there is always movement present, even in stillness). Somatics involves both interoception (sensing within) and proprioception (sensing externally in space and with others).

There is no right or wrong way to move with Somatics. All is valid. Lying down is welcome, rolling on the floor is welcome, pushing against a wall is welcome, sounding is welcome. Often, there may be an invitation to  mark-make after a session of movement, or to partake in free-writing or making/moulding with clay/plasticine. This is an opportunity to translate your experience into the physical realm. It is after this process that we invite verbal sharing, should you wish to.

This process of moving - creating - verbalising allows for potential suppressed emotion, sensation, memory, story or thought to come to the surface - into consciousness from the unconscious - allowing for a process of recall or retrieval, without jarring or too much stimulation or even re-triggering of potential traumatic moments. The body cannot tell the time . It does not know the difference between an event which occurred once 20 years ago and right now in this present moment. 

Space is held in a sensitive and responsive way, with practitioners trauma-informed and aware of how to best navigate the journey into and back out of one's unconscious, both through extensive personal experience and through professional training in the field.

Bodyworker and Therapist are both present throughout this process.



Somatic Movement Explorations

Hawaiian Bodywork

Hawaiian bodywork brings the powerful healing art of ancient Lomi Lomi massage up to date with a fusion of deep tissue work and intuitive massage techniques. This profound form of massage uses plenty of heated oil with long fluid strokes flowing like waves up and down the body. Maintaining a low centre of gravity, moving with fluidity like dance, a deeply relaxing and nurturing experience is created for the receiver.

Lomi Lomi  ~ which originated with the ancient Polynesians ~ was practised by the Master Healers ~ the Kahunas ~ of Hawaii. living the philosophy of Huna; everything seeks harmony , love & strength. When harmony is absent, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual dis-ease may result. This state of illness or dis-ease can cause resistance, blocking energy movement. Lomi Lomi Massage helps release these blockages, facilitating healing and restored balance.

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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Massage involves stretching, deep massage and acupressure.

This form of bodywork takes place on comfortable mats and blankets on the floor. The client wears comfortable clothes allowing for movement. No oils are used in Traditional Thai Yoga massage.

A Millennia-old, sacred form of bodywork using elements of Chinese reflexology, acupressure and ayurveda. Thai massage uses movement of the limbs and manipulation/stimulation of the joints, yogic stretching and stimulating of acupressure points and meridians. Sometimes referred to as 'Lazy (Wo)Man's Yoga', this bodywork embodies an assisted form of yoga postures enabled by the practitioner, whilst the recipient remains relaxed and passive, open to healing on all levels.

According to ayurvedic science, an extensive network of energy 'Sen' lines run throughout the body. Massaging, pressure and stretching this network of lines, Thai Yoga massage releases tension, allowing energy to flow more freely. This treatment may help alleviate problematic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive difficulties, menstrual problems, and stress-related conditions.

The recipient is left feeling more balanced  physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese technique using pressure-point massage of the whole foot to restore the flow of energy throughout the entire body.

By stimulating reflex points on the feet with pressure and manipulation, nerve function and circulation is improved and the lymphatic system is stimulated. The body is returned to balance, relieved of stress and health problems may well be eased or even eradicated. Energy can be reinvigorated, deep states of relaxation can be attained, recovery after injury may be increased or enhanced and even migraines and UTIs can be relieved.

Reflexology brings deep relaxation to the whole body as it addresses all five bodily systems: circulatory, reproductive,  respiratory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Areas of tension throughout the whole body are relieved and released just through working your feet!




Hot Stones Massage uses heated smooth basalt stones of various sizes to apply pressure to the muscles, gliding with warm oil to help melt away tension and stiffness. The heat of the stones combined with the warm oil helps muscles to relax and release. 

The use of natural basalt stones is grounding and adds extra pressure to the physical body.

Hot Stones Massage

hot stones lomi.jpg

Pregnancy Massage

Massage treatment during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for pre-natal care. Reducing stress and promoting positive physical and emotional well-being through touch: massage supports the mother-to-be as she adapts to her new body, preparing for birth and motherhood.

This special treatment is tailored to suit the needs of the pregnant woman, creates additional nurturing for the new life she grows within her.

Many discomforts experienced during pregnancy may be relieved through massage: backache, leg cramps, oedema (swelling) and headaches.

Stress is also reduced for weight-bearing joints, encouraging blood and lymph circulation, helping to relieve nervous tension, reducing mental and physical fatigue as well as aiding better sleep. Depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes may also be reduced. Nutrient absorption and immune functioning is also increased through regular antenatal massage.

Treatments are carried out in comfortable and safe side-lying position, ensuring the mother-to-be is well aligned and supported with pillows and bolsters. Certain pregnancy safe essential oils may be used if agreed upon during prior consultation. Simple organic carrier oil may be used instead. Treatments include aspects of reflexology to further benefit the client.

Treatments may be safely carried out after the first trimester.

If you wish to receive treatment during your first trimester, this can be done upon consent and signing of paperwork. (This is due to most complications being experienced during first trimester of pregnancy, not necessarily because bodywork is unsafe for mother and baby.)

If any problems are experienced during pregnancy, a doctor's advice should be taken before treatment, and a doctor's referral may be necessary.

Shamanic Reiki Rebalancing with Voice Vibrations

This hands-on or hands-off treatment works by channelling universal healing energy from source to the receiver. Removing blockages, restoring balance, returning harmony to your whole being. The recipient becomes more aligned to their true self.


Both vocal and breath sounds are made using the therapist's voice.

Each sound vibrates to  address specific energy centres in all layers of the body: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical..


The receiver's energy web and centres are 'tuned' and reconnected to their own inner healing potential. This is a wonderful opportunity to resonate with your own individual vibration and return to your centre.

This treatment is frequently combined with Shamanic sound healing and Drum Journeying. 

Shamanic Drumming Journeys

The drum has been used as a sacred ceremonial healing tool by our ancestors for centuries.

Repetitive drumming helps slow our brains down and brings about deep relaxation, inducing a trance-like or close to a Dream state. It helps to bring both hemispheres of the brain into balance; the 'masculine' logical left brain and the 'feminine' creative and imaginative right brain. Drumming synchronises the frontal and lower areas of the brain, thus helping us access information and insight from our sub-conscious mind.


The drum may take us on a Journey into our subconscious, accessing realms beyond everyday life. Here we may connect to power animals, ancestors, 

guides or teachers: receiving guidance or answers to questions we may have asked going into the Journey. Shamanic Drumming may help expand awareness, release negative emotions and blockages, reconnecting you on all levels; spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.


Drumming is good for reducing stress and anxiety as "...exposure to drumming lowers the stress-hormone cortisol and can even help boost immune function."

This treatment is often combined with Shamanic Reiki rebalancing with vocal toning.

Individual one-to-one Shamanic Drum Journeys are available as well as Group sessions.

Please contact Claire for more information or to enquire about group bookings of 4 or more.

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are a simple and natural method of healing which work with the emotional state of a person rather than the physical illness. The remedies act to harmonise and balance the personality, counteracting such things as irritation, fears and guilt which Dr Bach saw as the real cause of illness and unhappiness.

The Bach flower remedies work holistically, treating the patient, not the disease. These subtle yet powerful remedies work to transform negative emotional and mental states back into their corresponding positive states. A state of clarity and calm help us to remember our true Selves. Whether you are dealing with grief and loss, an acute issue of panic or distress, working to heal a deep-seated or chronic issue, feeling stressed, blocked or just plain 'off' there is a Bach flower remedy for you.

A full consultation is carried out to determine the right combination of Bach flower remedies for you. A tailor-made remedy is made, lasting 2- 4 weeks.

Clients are advised to keep a note of shifts in emotional state for follow-up sessions as the remedy is altered to suit this progression. 

Bach flower remedies are safe to use and will not interfere with any medication.

Bach flower consultations may be conducted in person or remotely via Zoom. 

Your remedy is mailed out to you, to be received within 3 working days.

"No thoughts of past errors must ever depress us; they are over and finished, and the knowledge thus gained will help avoid a repetition of them" 


                                                                          ~ 'Heal Thyself' by Dr Edward Bach