The Drum has been used as a sacred ceremonial healing tool by our ancestors for centuries.

​Repetitive drumming helps slow our brains down and brings about deep relaxation, inducing a trance-like or close to a Dream state. It helps to bring both hemispheres of the brain into balance; the 'masculine' logical left brain and the 'feminine' creative and imaginative right brain. Drumming synchronises the frontal and lower areas of the brain, thus helping us access information and insight from our sub-conscious mind.

The Drum may take us on a Journey into our subconscious, accessing 

realms beyond everyday life. Here we may connect to Power Animals, Ancestors, Guides or Teachers, receiving guidance or answers to questions we may have. asked going into the Journey.

Shamanic drumming may help expand Awareness, release negative emotions and blockages, reconnecting you on all levels; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

Drumming is good for reducing stress and anxiety as "...exposure to drumming lowers the stress-hormone cortisol and can even help boost immune function."

This treatment is often combined with the Shamanic Reiki Rebalancing with Vocal Toning.

Individual Shamanic Drum Journeys are available as well as group sessions.

Please contact Claire to enquire about group bookings of 4 or more people.