Bach Flower Remedies are a simple and natural method of healing which work with the emotional state of a person rather than the physical illness. The remedies act to harmonise and balance the personality, counteracting such things as irritation, fears and guilt which Dr Bach saw as the real cause of illness and unhappiness.

​Bach Flower Remedies work holistically, treating the patient, not the disease. Subtly yet powerfully transforming negative emotional and mental states into positive ones. A state of clarity and calm help us to remember our true Selves. Whether you are dealing with Grief and loss, an acute issue of panic or distress, working to heal deep seated issues, feeling stressed, blocked or just plain 'off' there is a Bach Flower Remedy for you.

​A full consultation is carried out to determine the right combination of Bach Flower Remedies for you. A tailor made remedy is made, lasting 2- 4 weeks.

Clients are advised to keep a note of shifts in emotional state for follow-up sessions as the remedy is altered to suit this progression. 

Bach Flower Remedies are safe to use and will not interfere with any medication.

"No thoughts of past errors must ever depress us; they are over and finished, and the knowledge thus gained will help avoid a repetition of them" 

                                                               ~ 'Heal Thyself' by Dr Edward Bach

Bach flower consultations conducted in person or remotely via Zoom. 

Your remedy is mailed out to you, to be received within 3 working days.