Our gut is often referred to as our 'second brain'.

If our digestion is out of sync it throws our whole being off kilter.

Too much sugar, processed foods, alcohol, meat, stress, fizzy drinks all contribute to bad nutrition and effect our stomach and small and lower intestines greatly. IBS is on the rise and many people live with a generalised feeling of dis-ease in the stomach area.

Energetically, our stomach ~ our solar plexus chakra ~ is our power centre.

If this is unwell, we are not in our Power.

Simply cutting out the 'products' mentioned above is vital, along with nourishing our gut with probiotics; kefir, kombucha. Also maybe using digestive enzymes to aid us in absorbing maximum butrition form what we ingest. For some, a drastic mainly raw food diet will work, for others, lowering carbohydrates to a minimum and getting the body to a mild state of ketosis is key. For others it may simply be eating less meat or cutting it out altogether; going Organic; eating a lot more fermented foods such as saurkraut and yoghurt. In addition to idetary and lifestyle changes, we can also use Bodywork to encourage Health, Vitality and Healing.

Deep abdominal massage work helps to remove stagnation in the gut and encourage free flow in our digestive system. Increasing blood, lymph and oxygen flow to the area, relaxing the muscles and working out tension.

Using deep massage techniques on Acupressure points and meridians, energetic blocks may also be released, bringing about a renewed sense of Well Being, motivation and purpose.


The abdominal massage may be received as a stand-alone treatment or combined with Lomi Lomi Massage or Thai Massage.