Massage for All Workshop

Welcome new arising energy with dynamic Thai Yoga Massage

The ideal non-material non-commercial gift for your nearest and dearest to nurture positive healing touch, cultivating closeness and intimacy alongside learning new skills and techniques.

Come with your partner or team up your friend or family member. Participants are welcome to come solo as well. A 2 day non-residential course aimed at all abilities and levels of experience. Hold space and treat your loved ones to healing touch. Give and receive relaxing, positive and nurturing massage. Optimise physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Learn how to bring all elements into balance. Call back your own energies from people, places and situations and return all energies which are not yours. Drawing on Indigenous Polynesian massage, Thai Yoga massage, Swedish massage, Reflexology, Energy medicine and a wealth of experience gained over several years working with many different clients from all walks of life. This course takes the skills and knowledge I've developed over time and condenses it into an accessible and fun two day experience for all. Learn effective massage skills and techniques in a well-held, relaxed and pressure-free environment. The course will cover: * How and when to fully give and receive * Exercises & practices for before and after giving massage * Effective relaxing & nurturing massage techniques to use in a naturally flowing manner * Advice and skills for massage in practice * How to really 'listen' to your inner guidance * How to 'listen' to another being * Confidence building * Healthy boundaries * Energy hygiene The course is non-residential and runs over a weekend from 10am to 4pm each day.

Holistic Healing at Home