July 4, 2020

Welcome new arising energy with dynamic Thai Yoga Massage

The ideal non-material non-commercial gift for your nearest and dearest to nurture positive healing touch, cultivating closeness and intimacy alongside learning new skills and techniques.

Come with your partner or team up your friend or family member. Participants are welcome to come solo as well.
A 2 day non-residential course aimed at all abilities and levels of experience.

Hold space and treat your loved ones to healing touch.
Give and receive relaxing, positive and nurturing massage
Optimise physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Learn how to bring all elements into balance.
Call back your own energies from people, places and situations and re...

March 11, 2020

The perfect way to show you care; gifting a loved one a massage treatment, reflexology, drum journey, energywork or Bach flower remedy consultation ♥

So much better than giving and receiving yet more material stuff we don't really need!

Quite often those that rarely treat themselves are the ones who need it most....

If you are interested for yourself, simply send a link to this page to your loved one as a big hint!

Gift vouchers are tailored to what you can afford to give, and are valid for several months. A great idea is to pool resources with friends or family to give a truly nurturing gift.

All treatments take place either at Source Healing's comfortable home-based studio in Rachub, near Bethesda, 10 minutes form Bangor,...

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